Muddy Boots is based in Leicestershire

We run Forest school activities for pre-school children, primary age children and adults.

We host Forest birthday parties and forest retreat days.

We run an allotment playgroup

We participate in various environmental education events in Leicestershire.

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“We love Muddy Boots, it’s educational, inspirational and gives you the opportunity to chill and play in the outdoors. Everyone in the group is ace and Emily is really good, always gets the children engaged in the activities. Can’t wait for the next one to start! J & E x”

The natural world is facing an unsure future. Climate change, pollution and  increasing global populations are putting great pressures onto the Earth. It is easy to feel over-whelmed and helpless in the light of these huge challenges.

But there is one vitally important thing that YOU can do to help protect our beautiful planet. You can encourage a love of nature in your children.

By providing them with inspiring opportunities to play and learn outdoors, they will develop a deep understanding and love for nature. And what we love as children, we will strive to protect as adults.

Join us at Muddy Boots in creating the next generation of environmental activists, botanists, artists, gardeners, farmers and nature lovers.



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