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Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I book a place?

All current and upcoming groups and events are listed under the ‘book your place’ tab in the header. Once you have decided what you wish to book, you can book and pay via the website using paypal. You will receive an email to confirm your booking and more info will be sent to you in due course.

Q. Can I just turn up on the day?

No, all sessions need to be pre-booked. You book a season block at a time, these are usually around 8-12 weeks and roughly follow the school terms. Saturday sessions are also pre-bookings only.

Q. Where exactly are your sites?

All Forest School activities run at Glen Parva Spinney and the Allotment playgroup is based at Aylestone Lane community allotments in Wigston. Earth arts runs from Soft Touch arts in Leicester City centre. More details about the sites is available on the ‘Locations’ page.

Q. Can I visit the woods outside of My Muddy Boots sessions?

Yes, it is a public woodland, you are very welcome to use the woods at other times. Please avoid coming into base camp if you see another session taking place and note that you need to abide by the local bylaws such as no fires, no camping and no removal of wood from the area. My Muddy Boots has acquired special permissions from the Parish council and specialist insurance to be able to have fires, set up structures and carry out woodland management.

Q. Can I use the allotment outside of My Muddy Boots sessions?

No, not unless you are an allotment holder on the site or part of the community allotment group. I believe that there are currently allotment plots available to rent and the community allotment team are always looking for more volunteers for the shared plot. The group meet every Tuesday morning, so ask me if you are interested and I’ll put you in touch with someone who can help.

Q. How old does my child need to be to take part? 

My Muddy Boots sessions are all about family learning, we’ve had babies as young as 6 weeks attending and lots of Grandma’s and Grandads too. I generally say that your child will get the most out of the sessions if they are a confident walker. This differs from child to child of course, you know your child and their capabilites best but please be aware that sites are all outdoors with uneven surfaces to walk on.

Earth Arts and family forest adventure sessions cater to an older age group that includes homeschooled and primary age children. Please see the event or group you are interested in for further info.

Q. Have you got toilet facilities? 

The forest school has access to toilet facilities at the library where we meet. Please make use of these when you arrive as base camp does not have toilet facilities. Wild wee’s are encouraged! There is always plenty of water and soup for hand-washing at base camp. There is a toilet block at the allotment and running water.

Q. What happens if it rains?

My Muddy Boots goes on whatever the weather, so check the weather report before you come out and be prepared with the right clothing and footwear. In extreme winds we may need to cancel Forest School activities due to H&S reasons, but this is highly unlikely.

Q. When do I need to start paying for a younger sibling?

Babes in arms are free of charge. By this I mean up to 14 months old. Once your child is walking relatively confidently, joining in with activities, using materials and taking part in snack time, then I’d ask that you begin to pay please. Siblings are always offered a reduced rate. Please see the event or group you are interested in for further info.

Q. Why is my payment for the allotment group classed as a donation? 

The allotment society have asked that your payments for My Muddy Boots are classed as a donation. This is because of rules around businesses making profits from use of allotment sites. Your donation pays for insurance, activity materials, plants, refreshments and leadership of the group. My Muddy Boots does not receive any other sources of funding.

Q. Why have you stopped doing pay as you go spaces?

I find you and your child will get so much more out of attending My Muddy Boots if you come regularly and progress with the incremental learning over the weeks and months of a block or ideally multiple blocks. PAYG is not sustainable as a business model and now that we’ve developed to the stage of regularly having a waiting list, it feels like time to move on. However, If I do find I have the odd spare space, I will offer PAYG, albeit at a slightly higher rate, so do message me if you want to go onto the waiting list for this.

Q. Can you tell me more about the pay it forward fund?

My Muddy Boots offers a ‘pay it forward fund’ Group members or members of the public can donate any amount they wish and this is used to offer half prices places to people on lower incomes who otherwise could not access our sessions. The amount of money available for this fund varies year on year and is reliant on public donations. Acceptance to this fund is by written application (an email is fine) acceptance is not guaranteed but My Muddy Boots does its best to ensure that our sessions as as accessible as possible.

I hope that answers your questions, if you want to know anything else then send me a message and I’ll get right back to you