My Muddy Boots

Wild learning and creative play

Forest pre-school


“We love Forest pre-school! E has really come out of her shell and feels encouraged without being pushed. All aspects are fun, informative and well thought out. We also love to bring home creations which are dotted around our house and garden. Would recommend 100%”

At My Muddy Boots forest pre-school we follow a gentle routine each session combining circle time, walking, exploring, creating, singing and stories. Activities are inspired by the seasons, the woodland environment and the interests raised by the children’s play.

My Muddy Boots is unique in that we focus just as much on the enjoyment of the adults as well as the children who are attending. We aim to be a group that provides something for everyone and teaches through real life experiences that can be engaged with on many levels. From babies right up to Grandads, everyone should really enjoy their time at a My Muddy Boots session! 

By engaging in positive outdoor experiences, learning is developed in a holistic way. As well as practical skills like fire-lighting, den building, tree climbing, tool use and woodland crafts, your child will learn team work, resilience, self-confidence and develop their emotional intelligence.

Forest School offers children the opportunity to take supported risks that are appropriate to the environment and themselves. This is so important in today’s risk-adverse world. Children learn how to approach risk safely, pushing their boundaries and developing their self esteem.

My Muddy Boots Forest School began in 2015 to provide inspiring opportunities for children to learn and grow in a supported outdoor environment. Emily has always loved being in the woods and to train as a forest school leader seemed to be a natural way to grow the business and provide more inspiring outdoor experiences.

What is Forest School?

“Forest School is an inspirational process, that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees”