My Muddy Boots

Wild learning and creative play

Muddy Boots sisterhood. Spring into the woods. Saturday 18th May

Feel refreshed and revived by vibrant springtime vibes and inspired by the potency of the full moon.

This retreat day features yoga, massage, foraging, campfire cookery, weaving and printmaking. There will be time for a shared feast, lounging in hammocks, reading inspiring books, chatting, dreaming, drinking herbal teas and simply relaxing.

Release and re-emerge Full Moon Yoga with Danielle Galway. Danielle is a yoga and reiki teacher based in London. (Yoga with Danielle)

Danielle says; The full moon is a potent time for manifestation and setting intentions for the next cycle, but before we manifest, we can use the full moon energies to release and let go old patterns. The symbolism of this time can be a helpful way to go within and listen to your inner wisdom. As we move into Spring, this can be a time of rebirth and renewal, leaving behind the old and stepping into the new. This women’s workshop will be focus on using the full moon energy to let go of anything that no longer serves us so we can move into the next season with clear intentions.

Danielle will lead us through outdoor yoga sequences in the woodland to connect to the water element of the Scorpio Moon and unlock our creativity and self-love whilst nurturing our bodies. As women, we often spend time nurturing others but neglect our own self-care, these yoga sequences are a time to fill our own cups. Expect energising flowing sequences followed by restorative asanas.

Massage with Samantha Massage therapist Samantha will be guiding us in how to do a paired massage in the beautiful woodland setting or inside our parachute shelter or bell tent.

Foraging and campfire cookery Forest school leaders Emily and Jodie will be teaching you how to forage for nettles and other spring greens in the woods and then help you in cooking a spring soup over the campfire. You can have a go at lighting a fire and making soup and maybe you’d like to try nettle fritters or nettle tea? We will be on hand to guide and assist your learning, or you are welcome to just sit back in a hammock, watch the cooking and enjoy the tasty soup!

Natural crafting Through hands on activities we will be learning about the trees that surround us, trying to recognise trees from the shape of their leaves and finding our the trees we most connect with. You will have the opportunity to try out fun and creative printmaking and/or weaving techniques. Maybe you will create an amazing piece or art to take home with you.