OAK  3 hour party £250 for up to 12 children.

Extra children £20 each up to a maximum of 18 children

Welcome circle, woodland walk , crown making, seasonal spotter activity or treasure hunt.

Forest free-play, use of the scramble net, swing, rope ladder and slack-line.

Woodland craft activity, choose one of the following options;

  • WOODLAND CRAFTS Sun-pictures OR natural painting and hapa zoma flags
  • WOODLAND JEWELLERY Wood cookie and elder bead necklaces OR bracelets
  • THE GRUFFALO Listen to the story and play Gruffalo related games.
  • MINI BEASTS Clay creatures and mini-beast hunt
  • BIRDS Looking for birds, making bird feeders OR nesting bundles
  • FAIRIES / WITCHES Willow wands, fairy doors and magic potions
  • DEN BUILDING Den building and learning how to tie knots
  • BOWS AND ARROWS Make and shoot your own bow and arrows

Pot of sweets, popcorn and a drink on arrival.

Campfire with posh hot chocolate and marshmallow s’mores or fruit kebab.

A campfire meal for each child, choose one of the following food options.

  • A veggie hot dog in a bun with sauce
  • A pancake with lots of topping options
  • A flat-bread campfire folded pizza.

All you need to bring is the birthday cake!