Terms and conditions

Thank you for your booking for a Muddy Boots event. Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

Payment must be made in advance via the website and paypal for all Muddy Boots sessions. Sessions are mainly booked in blocks of 8-12 weeks but we may also offer one off events as explained in publicity materials. We do not offer a refund for sessions within a block booking that are not attended due to client illness or holiday. Muddy Boots reserves the right to increase prices for future events or blocks as they see fit. The allotment playgroup payments are classed as ‘donations’ to Muddy Boots in order to comply with allotment rules and regulations.

Pay it forward fund Muddy Boots offers a ‘pay it forward fund’ Group members or members of the public can donate any amount they wish to Muddy Boots and this is used to offer half prices places to people on lower incomes who otherwise could not access Muddy Boots sessions. The amount of money available for this fund varies year on year and is reliant on public donations. Acceptance to this fund is by written application (an email is fine) acceptance is not guaranteed but Muddy Boots does its best to ensure that our sessions as as accessible as possible.

Cancellation policy If you wish to cancel your booking with Muddy Boots please inform Emily in writing at your earliest convienence.

Block bookings – If you wish to cancel a block booking before the start date of a block then all efforts will be made to refill your space (we often have a waiting list) If you cancel 4 weeks or more before the start date then you will be refunded in full minus an admin charge of £5 per place. If you cancel less than 4 weeks before the start date, you will only be refunded if a replacement booker can be found to take your place. Otherwise you will be refunded minus £15 to cover materials already purchased. If you cancel once the block has begun then we are not obliged to offer a refund but will refund minus £15 if your place can be refilled.

One off events – If you wish to cancel a one off event then all efforts will be made to refill your space (we often have a waiting list) If you cancel 2 weeks or more before the event then you will be refunded in full minus an admin charge of £5. If you cancel within 2 weeks of the event, you will only be refunded in full (minus £5 admin charge) if a replacement booker can be found to take your place. Otherwise you will be refunded at 50% of the price paid. If you cancel within 48 hours of the event then we are not obliged to offer a refund. If you do not attend the event you will not be offered a refund.

If we have to cancel an event. Muddy Boots generally goes ahead in all weathers and we encourage you to make all efforts attend whatever the weather and embrace the elements! We will provide tarp shelters so there is always a dry space to store your belongings and to shelter in if possible. In extreme bad weather such as high winds, we may be obliged to cancel an event for safety reasons. An alternative session date will be offered when possible or a refund minus a £5 admin charge.

Insurance Muddy Boots is covered to a level of £5,000,000 for Public Liability and is insured as a Forest School provider. Clients are advised to provide their own personal insurance cover. Please note the conditions with your policy
with regard “Hazardous Activities” and “working with hand tools”.

Liability Muddy Boots takes place in the outdoors which by its nature is never free from hazard. While all reasonable precautions are taken to minimise the risk, the client accepts that accidents including serious injury and death can occur without Muddy Boots being at fault. The client is taking part entirely at his or her own risk. The client also recognises that Muddy Boots is not responsible for loss or damage to the personal property of the client, including vehicles, money, clothing and or equipment. The client also recognises that attendance of Muddy Boots sessions in no way qualifies anyone to teach the course content. It is not intended that any instructions provided to any client(s) while on a course will in any way qualify those client(s) to instruct any third party and no warranty is made to that effect.

Complaints In the event that a client has cause for concern or complaint in relation to Muddy Boots the complaint should be first made to a leader at the time of the event. If the complaint is not resolved or occurs again then it should be put in writing and you will be informed of the complaints procedure.

Allergies If you suffer from any allergies then Muddy Boots should be made aware on the medical information form when booking. Where possible we will always try and cater for allergies but in the case of severe allergies then we advise that you to fully cater for yourself. We cannot be held responsible should you have any allergic reaction should you choose to consume any foodstuffs provided through Muddy Boots.

DBSAll Muddy Boots leaders are DBS enhanced checked.

Environmental policy Muddy Boots insist on strict environmental practices to ensure the continued quality of the natural environments in which we conduct our sessions. We have a leave no trace policy and aim to leave the woodland and allotment areas as we found them or in an improved condition. Procedures for sanitation, rubbish disposal and clean-up will be explained by the Forest School leader you must observe these practices at all times.

Photography and video recording
We often take photographs and video recordings throughout our sessions, courses and events to use for our promotional material, social media and website. Your acceptance is acknowledged by agreeing on the booking form. You have the right to change your mind at any time but must contact Emily to confirm in writing. We ask that parents or guardians taking photographs of their own children at our sessions do not take photographs of other children without the consent of their parents or guardians.