We can prepare ourselves to get the most out of the winter season if we follow nature’s patterns and learn to slow down, conserve our energy and reflect inwards.

Noticing the beauty of nature even in the starker winter months.

As winter bites, we meet for the last time this year to face winter with grace, ease and joy. We will meet on Saturday 7th December from 2.30-6.30 pm.

In keeping with the season, this Sisterhood meet up will be slow, intimate, cosy and darker. We will meet in a smaller group, for a shorter period of time and include some hours of darkness in our gathering.

We will meet at My Muddy Boots studio. This is a pretty, cosy and warm homemade wooden space in my garden. I do all of the My Muddy Boots planning and preparation from here. I live on Dorothy Avenue near where you would normally park to meet in the woods.

We will begin here with a sharing circle and cacao. We will create colourful leaf lanterns and gradually light up our space with candles as darkness begins to fall. At twilight we will take a walk with our lanterns to the local woods, canal or meadow, wherever the mood takes us.

We will return to my garden and can have a campfire if we wish or return to the warm studio and share a meal together.

This will be a shorter session than our previous gatherings and numbers will be restricted to 12 sisters due to space and only open to people who have already attended another sisterhood gathering.

If you have attended a Sisterhood event before and would like to join us, please contact me for the password and purchase your ticket via the website link below.